The Carolina Color G2 Line of Colorants

G2, an innovative product in which pigments and additives are highly loaded and exceptionally well dispersed

Carolina Color Corporation—a successful,family-owned company since 1967, serves colorant needs from ISO 9001:2008 certified locations in North Carolina and Ohio. Their patented G2 line of colorants is an innovative production which pigments and additives are highly loaded, exceptionally well dispersed,and effectively distributed in both large and small parts.

Chief Executive Officer of Carolina Color, Matt Barr, stated: 

Today, Carolina Color serves more than 600 customers in nine countries. Currently, G2 equals 50 percent of total sales, with $25 million in sales during the last 5 years. Patented G2 Color’s key attributes are responsible for molders switching to Carolina Color. 

Key attributes of patented G2 Color include: 

Up to 30 percent cost-to-color reduction

        The highest pigment loaded custom colors in the industry

        The highest UV/custom colors in the industry

         Shipping within 5-7 days, with independently audited on-time delivery of 98.3 percent

         1-10 percent cycle-time reduction

          Reduced environmental impact, resulting from a reduction in production energy, packaging materials, and CO2 emissions

Carolina Color’s G2 product line has proven performance in diverse applications such as outdoor durables, packaging, and industrial and non-automotive transportation.

Convertors are continually impressed by this game-changing technology.  Whether it is injection, extrusion,rotational, structural foam, blow, sheet, pipe, or profile molding, G2 consistently hits the mark.

Carolina Color’s North Carolina and Ohio locations provide customers with full-service production capabilities and complete laboratories for color matching, testing, and analytics.

As a 3A1 Dun & Bradstreet-rated company, Carolina Color has one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry. The company’score strength is its ability to innovate and maintain strong relationships with the finest suppliers of resins, pigments, dyes, and additives.